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One reason why I am running in the election was the realization that the 22 trustees get to vote on Board policies and I intend to apply my depth of experience as an administrator, academic and educator to ensuring that the system serves the needs of the students and their parents.
The Toronto District School Board prepares our children for happy and productive lives when they grow up, but thanks to the rapid development of technology the world they must face will be very different from the one that existed when many of the policies in place today were developed. I would like to see the practices of the Board evolve to keep pace with the contemporary needs of our students.

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What major changes you wish to bring into the system?

There are three areas that I consider important:
1. Every student should have the support needed to succeed. Some students speak a different language at home or have parents who do not have much education themselves while other parents are just too busy to spend much time helping with studies. Students can have a wide variety of problems to overcome and often several different problems at once. I would wish to ensure that all students have tailored support to help them succeed in life.
2. I want to protect our schools from provincial funding cuts.
3. Many of our physical school buildings are old. I would like to find cost effective solutions to repair and renew schools.